Rest In Peace Tank

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the passing of Tank. Basically, he could no longer walk without severe pain. OneRIP Tank hip had completely gone out and also had possible cancer .The other hip was previously broken and not healing right.He had stopped eating and was only crying in pain. He had finally found his forever home and was loved. He was original found on the side of road and was thought to have been hit by a car but his walking got better with medication. X rays also showed two gun shots and bullets still in him from long ago. Tank had been through it all and In the end was loved by his wonderful family who made the tough decision to free him from his pain here on earth. Now Tank is pain free and no doubt carelessly running free up above us all watching over. Rest in peace Tank. He was a beautiful dog and so full of emotion, it was great to have been part of his life.


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