Frankenbob (now Auggie) Adopted and Living on 15 Acres

Frankenbob (now Auggie) Adopted and Living on 15 Acres

FrankenBob (now Auggie) was hit by a car outside my work in October. I couldn’t leave him there so I brought him home with me. I had hoped he was microchipped but was not. I made a lost dog flyer and posted a Craigslist ad for a lost dog. I looked around the neighborhoods by my work for lost dog flyers and no luck. FrankenBob quickly became good friends with all my dogs and fit right in with our routines. He quickly stole my heart. He went to his first adoption event in January and was a crowd favorite. He quickly had an adopter lined up and several people who wanted to be on a waiting list if the adoption did not work out. I took him to his new home on Sunday Jan 26. He has a new dog friend to play with, a new Mom that loves him, 15 acres to run free on, and some horses to mess around with (if they will let him). He is 70lbs of beautiful energy that has left his paw print on my heart. I will miss him dearly but I know this was a great fit for him!

Submitting by Foster: Brandi L.


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