Zoey’s Emergency Pyometra Surgery

Zoey’s Emergency Pyometra Surgery

Over the weekend Zoey started feeling very sick and not eating. She had also completely lost her ravenous appetite so we knew something was seriously wrong. We got her into the vet right away for blood work and exam and confirmed our fears of pyometra. She is having surgery today ( Sunday ). Pyometra is an infection of the uterus that can be deadly if untreated.  Unfortunately because of her age and status of heartworms it had been unsafe to get her spayed as of yet. She is a senior and we are asking for all of your thoughts and prayers for this girl to make it through surgery.

She is being treated at Summerfields Animal Hospital. All donations made through her You Caring our tax deductible and highly appreciated. You can click the big red donate button and make a note!

Thank you


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