Weekly Wag 7/18-7/24

Weekly Wag 7/18-7/24

We are officially known at our new facility!  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for volunteer opportunities!  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to our efforts and the supplies we will need please do so here.


Apollo Events Coming Up

july 26
Puppypalooza @ Petsmart!
2525 W Wheatland Rd. Dallas  12 pm

Furry Friends with Medical Needs

Ranger **EMERGENCY**
Ranger went to the emergency clinic in extreme pain last night (7/17). We had just determined this morning that he needed to see a neurologist and were in the process of getting his paperwork together for his appt next week. We have been suspicious and now feel confident that Ranger has Hydrocephalus, which is fluid on the brain, probably caused by the trauma and inflammation from the infection in his eyes.
This CAN be treated. But it will most likely require an MRI (which can cost between $2300-3000.) and costly medication.
His incredible fundraiser (by Arlington Strength and Co.) got us a great head start on his medical bills, but I don’t know what his bill will top out at. If you have it in your heart (and budget) to donate- even if its just $5.00, it would mean the world to us and help Ranger tremendously.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Please donate here.

Buddy and Sam
buddy and sam
Two puppies fighting parvo. This treatment is $600-800 per pup but they can survive. We have caught it early. Please consider donating for their care so we can save Buddy and Sam. Call into the vet at 8174676688 or donate on line here.

In addition to these urgent needs, we have a lot of dogs needing heartworm treatment.  Please stop by our donation page and donate today!

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Mark your calendars Amazing Greyson Rescue ride to benefit Apollo & Pets without Parents is Sept 20th in Pigeon Forge TN. Volunteers and sponsors are needed.  All sponsors will go on the back of a super nifty TShirt with me on it (riding a motorcycle!) BOL!! Sponsorships are $100. & all sponsors get a TShirt as well!! We also are having an auction at the end of the ride so we need donations for that too!!  Greyson will be there to meet everybody!  Pets without Parents will also be bringing adoptable pets available at the end of the ride.  Message Greyson’s mommy at  if you can volunteer or sponsor!

Dogs Available for Adoption

Goldie Luke Risen Toodles

Goldie, Luke, Risen & Toodles are just a few of the fantastic dogs waiting for their furever home! Check out all the animals Apollo has available.

Until next week, keep those tails wagging!

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