Volunteers are treasures at Apollo Support and Rescue. Tell us what you are good at and we can find a way for you to make a difference with your gifts.

Facility Volunteers:

  • Can you walk or run dogs at our facility? Do you have some running shoes and want to come down any day of the week and give our dogs some exercise?
  • Can you help with laundry and cleaning? We have crates and bedding that require cleaning throughout the day.
  • Are you a handyman and want to help with small projects?

Event Volunteers:

  • Can you help with meet and greets?
  • Can you help rotate dogs out of crates?
  • Could you help love and keep some of the more excitable dogs calm?
  • Could you help with setup or tear down?
  • Could you help make sure all of the dogs have water and a clean crate?
  • Could you help with puppies?

Administrative/Community/Writer Volunteers:

  • Are you able to help keep dogs up-to-date on our website?
  • Are you a blogger and can write stories about our dogs?
  • Are you a photographer and can help with photographs?
  • Are you a comedian and can help with really fun facebook or instagram posts?

So tell us! You are here because your passion is dogs. Match your passion with your gifts and make a difference. Contact us to share how you would like to help.  Text for more information 817-658-9738

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