"I am Cartwheel."

"Can you donate for my heartworm treatment?"

"I am Ava."

"Can you donate for my eye surgery and mange?"

"I am Princess."

"Can you donate for my heartworm treatment?"

"I am Lola."

"I was a mom to three pups and I do not know how mom's do it with more than that! I don't want to go through that again. Can you donate so I can get spayed?"

"I am Spike."

"Can you donate for my heartworm treatment?"

"I am Teddy."

"Can you donate for my ear surgery?"

"I am Paco."

"I am not looking forward to it but can you donate so I can get neutered?"

Medical Needs

Boy we wish these dogs could talk and tell us what in the world they went through to be so neglected or have such trauma. We would love a day when we didn’t have to make any dog wait one extra minute to get the medical care they need. We see it all–broken bones–broken hearts filled with heart worms–mangy skin that makes your own skin crawl–infected wounds from their ears to their toes. Help us shorten the time to get these dogs started on treatment.

This page is a list of our current dogs waiting for some type of medical treatment. We also have urgent need dogs with their own dedicated page so you can read their story and get more information about the treatments they need. See how to help: Teddy

Major Needs:

You can donate directly for a dog by clicking on their name.

Ava: Eye surgery, mange follow-up to clear her for surgery

Wilson: Blood work, Heart worm treatment

Chance: X-Ray’s, blood work

Wallace: X-Ray on ankle, mange follow-up

Lucy: Blood work

Lou: Blood work for seizures


Heart Worm Treatments: