R.I.P. Lady…We Love You

R.I.P. Lady…We Love You

September 6th 2013 we picked up Spike & Lady at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. They had been dumped there by their so called family after they were no longer good for breeding . They were both heartworm positive and un-altered. They were ours and we had bonded with them over the period of time we had them. They had first been with Paula Wood but they couldn’t keep them any longer so they went to Danielles…after that they went to boarding in Benbrook . There they slept on a big king size mattress together because they were inseparable! Always super happy to see us…when we moved to Justin they came along with their mattress and lived in the overflow room. Eventually , someone emailed about both of them and she needed a companion as much as they needed a home .The Founder and Co-Founder took them to her house about an hour away to meet their new mom. (This was November 1st 2014 )The house was huge , perfect for Great Danes , and the backyard was beautiful with an amazing view !

Last Saturday when their mom got home from grocery shopping, they both met her at the door. She let both of them out to play while she unloaded the groceries but when she went to let them back in, only Spike appeared. Spike led their mom to the top of the hill where Lady’s body was lying and they both mourned over her. . . She will be missed ALOT. We are so happy she had the most amazing year of her life with her new mom and died a very happy dog.

R.i.p January 30 2016


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