Potter’s Story: The Problem with “Free to good home.”

Potter’s Story: The Problem with “Free to good home.”

“Free to good home”… a statement that we see on social media and the Internet far too often. There are several problems associated with these ads. Dogs that come from these ads may end up in the worst of hands. I came across a blog post that I think stated this issue brilliantly, The Lazy Pitbull. Christina highlighted all of the issues that can arise from these ads and her words are very informative.

Why is Apollo referring to another blog? Well, if you keep up with us you would know that we recently came across one of the biggest consequences of “free to good home”.



His name is now Potter. He was found by a woman searching through the free section on Craigslist. His post said “Free Sharpei/Pit Mix” with a picture of a sad dog looking down at the ground. Thankfully this dog, now Potter, was not left for dead. Tori, his savior, had the guts to go rescue Potter. She contacted Apollo and he is now being loved on for the first time in probably his whole life. Potter is not going to be a statistic. He was saved. He is no longer “free to good home”. He will be welcomed into a loving home that holds a priceless value.





Dogs can not speak verbally, it is our job as informed and responsible humans to speak for them. No animal deserves the level of neglect that Potter has been faced with. 

Potter has a long road to recovery. He has been taken to a veterinarian and he is diagnosed with hook worms, heart worms, demodex mange, and an eye infection. As you can imagine he is in need of several medications as well as daily medicated baths and face scrubs.

With time, love, medications, and belly rubs Potter is going to be healthy and happier than ever. He is going to be a dog that shows us the positive outcomes of “Free to good home” ads. He is a lucky one. We are the lucky ones. We look forward to being able to write Potter’s update story! We know his smile is in there somewhere and we will see it soon enough! 

In the mean time remember to be the voice for the ones who cannot speak and love the unloved.


Potter you have so many people on your side and have wiggled your way into the hearts of many!

Visit Apollo Support & Rescue to donate, foster, volunteer, or just look around! 


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