Needs for Apollo’s No Kill Facility

Needs for Apollo’s No Kill Facility
We can’t keep our dogs out of the shelters or save more without taking the next step… a no Kill Facility. Email to tell us how you can help.
As you know one  of the many challenges rescues face are return dogs.  Dogs that are adopted and then returned later as an adult dog or with behavior issues.  We have an endless need for foster homes and many homes have gone above and beyond to integrate a dog into their existing pack at a moment’s notice and many fosters are already filled.  This causes an overwhelming hardship on one person who takes all these dogs back to prevent them from going back to the shelter.  It is a reality that all rescues face.  Dogs get put in crates everywhere you can think and in garages.  It just becomes too much. But, what are the alternatives to save their life? The only other option is to return to a shelter and we all know what happens then.
Apollo has moved all our returns to a temporary boarding facility that we are helping run and pay for to take the burden off of overburdened foster homes.  We hope in the next 6 months to purchase land or land with a building.  We are reaching out to our supporters for many things. Email to tell us how you can help.
  • Help us find a place: search for land/building for sale with acreage or someone willing to donate land/building
  • Help with donations or money or items we currently need running the place.  Bleach, Odoban, Tide/Gain laundry soap, wood to build temporary dog runs.
  • Handymen/carpenters willing to donate their skills to build dog runs and connect laundry appliances, etc.
  • Dog walkers–7 days a week, email to schedule a time
  • People to wash laundry
  • Donations to invest in this equipment:
  • Donation of a commercial washer/dryer
  • Sponsor a Dog Program: Choose one of our dogs at the facility to sponsor. Help train them, sponsor medical care, get them ready to have a successful adoption (social worker for a dog)

I (Danielle Stewart, founder) will be at the facility all day Saturday and Sunday but will be gone from Noon to 5 for adoption events to try and work to find these dogs a forever home that is their perfect fit.  I will arrive at 8:30 if you want to come out to help or drop off items.  We have one person on site all day Mondays- Fridays.

We need you! Email to tell us how you can help.


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