Help Jericho

Help Jericho

Jericho came into the Fort Worth Animal Shelter in a terrible condition. He had been attacked by a dog and his mouth and nose had been ripped up pretty bad. Flies had been all over him which led to a maggot infestation of the whole area. The shelter removed the dead tissue and maggots and started him on antibiotics and pain medicine . He will need a reconstruction of the area to get it back into shape. He is also heartworm positive and will need to be neutered later too. Jericho was picked up on 5/20/15 and went straight to the vet to be examined!

Unfortunately, Jericho is having to be hospitalized .We found out hes only 10 months old , so just a pup! His blood work showed that he is severely anemic from all of the hookworms, whip worms, fleas and ticks and general poor health. He is also very dehydrated and underweight from being malnourished and going with little food and water. He will have surgery to get a cleft palate type lip on Tuesday IFanother blood work panel determines he is even well enough to undergo surgery yet. Until then he has to stay on IV antibiotics/fluids and be monitored.

Sadly, the vet believes he was actually used as a bait dog as he has alot of scars all up and down his legs. To me, it looks like his face was tied up with something around his muzzle , but we may never know what truly happened there. He has some fractures there in the front of his mouth and he also lost a tooth. Dr.R thinks it was a bigger dog that did this because of the damage that was done.

We will keep his goal for $2,000 for now and that will hopefully include his neuter and heartworm treatment later down the road. Currently his needs are to meet his goal, and he also needs donations of wet good like Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice – You can purchase that on our Amazon Smile account and have it shipped to us. Here is the link for that:

  •  All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. gsdfg
  • If you would like to send in your donation through check our mailing address is 314 E 4th Street, Justin Tx 76247
  • To call in directly to the vet under the Apollo Account you can call : 817-467-6688


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