Help Apollo Stock Dog Facility and be part of the Heart of Apollo’s Mission to Save Dogs

Great new things are happening for Apollo Support & Rescue. We now have use of a facility to house more rescues and we need your help in getting it stocked. This is your chance to be a part of the heart of Apollo! Plus, all donations are tax deductible.

Goal:  40 Big Dog Kongs

You know what stress a move can cause you and dogs are no exception. Help us get the dogs settled with tough toys that will help calm their anxiety and bring them comfort. Big Kongs on sale right now for about $7-$10 off of what you can get them in stores and we can get free shipping for Prime members or for orders of over $35. We don’t know how long this deal will last but our goal is to get 40. Click here to go to our Amazon wish list.

Building Supplies

We are building raised beds and separate areas for the dogs that require lumber and hardware. We are painting walls, floors and anything that needs some color and a brush. Are you able to donate with a Home Depot gift card or do you have connections with a building supplier that can provide free materials or significant discounts? Donate with a Home Depot gift card or email us about donating building supplies

Power Washer

Do you have an extra power washer or know someone that is not using one anymore. Boy could we dust that off and put it to good use. Email us and we will make arrangements to pick up. Email us about donating a power washer

Office Equipment & Furniture

After all of that hard work of keeping dogs settled and clean, we need to respond to potential adopters, upload latest photos and input pet insurance for new adoptions. We could really use a desk, office couch and a couple of office chairs. Look around in your garage, shop or does your company sell off equipment? Tell us how you can help with office equipment and furniture. Email us about donating office equipment

Do you have other ideas on how you can help? Tell us! Email us about donations


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