"I am Cartwheel."

"Can you donate for my heartworm treatment?"

"I am Princess."

"Can you donate for my heartworm treatment?"

"I am Spike."

"Can you donate for my heartworm treatment?"

Heartworm Treatments Needed for Apollo Dogs

Apollo Support and Rescue focuses on helping dogs that have been neglected or abused in North Texas. That means many of the dogs we take into our rescue have medical needs and are heartworm positive. We are looking for sponsors to donate to heartworm treatment for our dogs. It is simple. Click the donate button to donate what you can today.

The bad news: It could have been prevented.

The good news: Most dogs infected with heartworms can be successfully treated.

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Treatment ranges from $300-$1,000

Includes x-ray, medication, & hospitalization

Heartworm disease is passed to dogs through mosquitios, making Texas dogs more at risk than dogs that don’t live in the south. The infection rate in male dogs is as much as four times that of female dogs, and dogs housed outdoors are four to five times more likely to be infected than indoor dogs.

Treatment Process for Apollo Dogs:

After lab work ups determine the worm load on the heart and organs, a customized treatment plan will be created. Typically the dogs will get  30 days Doxyciline then 2 months of Iverhart Max.  After this phase, we schedule for two injections 24 hours apart. The injections must be given in a painful location – the muscle close to the dog’s spine in the lumbar (lower back) area. The worms start to die immediately. As their bodies begin to decompose, pieces are “shed” into the dog’s bloodstream and filtered out through the dog’s lungs.

During this time, the dog is  kept confined for 4-6 weeks and his physical exertion kept to an absolute minimum, in order to prevent pieces of the dead worms from clogging the vessels in his lungs. To protect the dog from this the foster will be keeping the dog crated or penned and taking the dog outside on a leash for bathroom breaks.