Sick Mom and 10 Baby Puppies Are Saved and Named the X Pack

Sick Mom and 10 Baby Puppies Are Saved and Named the X Pack

Updated: February¬† 19, 2014: RIP Alexandra, the little pup–Call for donationsmama and puppy

Today Lilly and one of her pups, Alexandra was taken to the Denton ER. Lilly’s test results were free from distemper but positive for a very resistant bacteria called mycoplasma. Sadly, Alexandra, the littlest of the litter was not strong enough and passed away. The mother and her other nine pups are being treated with the antibiotic doxycycline. Lilly is down to 31 pounds and had lost 3 pounds just this past week. We ask for your support for this very ill family who we are working so hard to nurse back to health. The expenses are greater than the donations. Please help us by donating for their continued treatment and emergency vet services.

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Updated February 13, 2014: Tiger Lilly and her TEN babies of six boys and four girls were rescued from the shelter on Feb 10, 2014, after being on the code red list and needed out urgently. The mom and all the puppies were dehydrated, coughing ad underweight. One of the puppies back end may not be developing all the way either as it looks like she may have some muscle atrophy. This is a large litter that will take medical care to get well. Apollo Support and Rescue is always amazed and grateful for its supporters who step up to help donate for care.

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mama and pups in shelter

February 13, 2014

Today the puppies are feeling better. Most of the eye goop is gone and the coughing has minimized. All are eating great. Tiger Lily, the mama still has some work to recover. She is still coughing and is eliminating worms. She is uncomfortable as she had to quit nursing and will need to dry up but she needs all of the nourishment she can get to help her recovery. Today, we have decided to name the puppies the X-Pack and all will get names with an X- in front of them. Add your comments to this blog to submit your ideas for their name.

February 11, 2014:

Just took Lilly and all the babies to the vet. Everyone has upper respiratory infection.  Mama has a fever so she is on clavamox and will also be weaning the babies. The babies will have eye ointment and antibiotics as well. All babies were dewormed today and are suspected to be about 5 weeks old according to their teeth. They are much more lively then yesterday since they have eaten puppy food and gotten some much needed ointment.

mama at vet-2 puppies seeing vet


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