Check out our $5,000 donor match challenge!

Check out our $5,000 donor match challenge!

We are moving and lucky us…we have a donor that will match up to $5,000 of our moving expenses! Please consider donating any amount to go towards the cost of our move. It will help pay for things like:

  • Straw
  • Pea Gravel
  • Baby pools
  • A misting system
  • Well water testing
  • Dog houses
  • Water buckets
  • Electricity set up
  • Water hoses
  • Preparing the land
  • Shade stuctures like sun sails

Our move is set for JUNE 18th 2016 at 8 AM , ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED… JUST SHOW UP AND WE’LL BE THERE! 314 E 4TH ST, JUSTIN TX 76247



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