Azul, Starved Pup is Renamed Simba. He is Courageous and Ready to Eat Like a Lion!

Azul, Starved Pup is Renamed Simba. He is Courageous and Ready to Eat Like a Lion!
Last update 3-25-14 5PM: Follow Simba’s courageous journey and see his progress with updates here. We encourage you to share this story to help others step up for dogs like Simba.
He’s baaAack! Simba has been discharged!!! Yay! He says he is ready to have a good meal, but Doctor’s Simba 3-24-14 at vetorders say he can only eat a spoonful of chicken every hour for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!! That’s going to be hard because I really want to feed this boy! We can’t over do it because he is so malnutritioned he feels hunger like he’s never felt before ROARING from his stomach like a LION! Luckily, he can start eating 5-6 small meals a day after that, he can’t wait to get to that eating part! He also got to meet his foster mommy Robin today, they hit it off very well, he can’t wait to get better enough to go home to her house! Who couldn’t love Simba? He’s on the mend now and it’ll only get better from here little buddy!
Simba wanted to tell everyone out there Thank You so much for your support, and … He is hungry!
Azul now Simba is recovering and will hopefully go home today he will receive around the clock care for the next three days which is crucial to his recovery.  he will have to return for a few follow ups and eat special food.  We have raised enough money to cover this.  Thank you so much for all your support.
Azul  has made it out of surgery.  They found a hard rubber mass in his stomach the size of baseball and more of the rubber stuff in his intestines.  He is recovering and will go home once he can eat.  He would have never been able to pass this or eat normal without this surgery.  Thank you for everyone that is supporting this little guy.
Vet estimates by bloodwork that Azul is about 8 months old. He was rescued from Fort Worth Shelter Saturday and has not been eating.  Today at the vet x-rays confirmed the worse.  Azul has a partial plastic hanger in small intestine and rocks scattered throughout intestines and stomach.  He needs emergency surgery to remove blockage.  His cartiledge around his rib cage is underdeveloped (look like a sponge) due to starvation and months of neglect.


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