Bringing home a new four-legged family member is exciting! However, there are a few important things to remember.

  • Your pet needs time to adjust to new environments, just like humans.
  • Count on your new pet marking or having accidents in the first few days. This will happen even if they are housetrained. 
  • Be prepared for some transitional behavioral problems. Each animal will need time to adjust to the rules and schedule of your home. 
  • “Puppy Proof” your home. Don’t leave out shoes or other items they may try to chew on. 
  • Don’t leave your new pet unattended in the home. When you are unable to supervise them, confine them to a crate, kitchen, or other secure area. 
  • Always keep dogs on a non-retractable leash when out for walks! This will keep them from darting in front of a car or running to chase a neighbor’s cat.  

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