1 Very Cool Guy + 8 Families = Loved Apollo Dogs

1 Very Cool Guy + 8 Families = Loved Apollo Dogs

This Saturday Apollo Support and Rescue was around North Texas meeting families at adoption events, doing home checks and rescuing a new dog that got dumped. The adoption photos are priceless and do wonders for fosters to see the faces of sweet families excited to add an Apollo dog to their family. But, today, we grabbed another priceless moment of one very cool guy that bought dog toys for all of the Apollo dogs at a Petsmart in Fort Worth. We see so much abuse and neglect in rescue but these pictures show that there is more good that will prevail for these dogs. Tell your friends to adopt or foster from Apollo. You will truly make a difference.

Man supports adoptionsOne cool guy making a difference for Apollo dogs with dog toys for all of them!





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